Is it possible to have Jews for Jesus?


Are Jews for Jesus Deceptive?

Jeshuaists not likely or designed to deceive or to be misleading

The world is already complicated enough so that we do not need more misleading people.

Lots of the things we say at first sight may look and sound strange or contrary what the majority says.

When a person questions if Jews would be able to go for Jesus or could be able to be Jew and have Jesus as their leader, gives already a sign that there may be a misunderstanding of what that Jew for Jesus believes.

The answer is in the accusation itself. Which is more probable:

To lure Jews into becoming Christians by assuring them that they will still be Jews?

Or to deter Jews from considering Jesus by assuring them that they will not be Jews if they accept him?

The latter is far more likely.

First, people cannot be motivated to believe in Jesus on the basis of something they already possess: namely, Jewish identity.

Second, in order to honestly consider Jesus, a person must be willing to stop thinking about who he or she is and concentrate on who Jesus is.

And third, any potential Jewish believers in Jesus ought to be warned that they will be regarded as traitors by many who don't understand.

Jesus, the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua ben Joseph, gave fair warning to his followers, and those who want to be like him must do the same. All followers of Jeshua or the real Jesus shall encounter counteraction.

Jeshuaists or real followers of Jeshua by some may be called traitors to the Jewish faith, whilst others would consider them as false Jews and or even false Christians, because they do not adhere to the same creed as the mainstream Christians, not following the false doctrine  of the Trinity.

The choice to accept the teachings of the Nazarene Jew as guidance for life, is not being appreciated by a lot of Jews but also not by a lot of Christians.
This can mean that Jeshuaists or true followers of the true Christ are maligned by both Jews and Christians.

Why Shouldn't Jews Believe in Jesus?

Is it not possible for Jews to believe in Jesus

Then the question arises,
why deter Jews from considering Jesus?

Perhaps because those who believe in him accept his authority above any other. Jesus was and is always a threat to the status quo.

Most Jews know that belief in Jesus would make them objects of disappointment, displeasure and perhaps disenfranchisement. Seekers don't know with the same certainty the reality of God's promises to those who trust him. That is why they are seeking.

Many think Jesus might be true but are unwilling to risk finding out because whereas they don't quite know what to expect from God, they do know what to expect from people.

When God seems remote, people tend to look to one another for acceptance and guidance. And God does seem remote-until that moment when we decide to know him, whatever the cost. The moment we risk everything to know God is the moment of faith.

Lots of Jews think they know God, and part of it might be true. But what they forget is how there relationship with God is.

For that reason every Jew may find with Jesus some one who can show the way to God but even more, showing each individual the way how to go on the right path to enter the narrow gate to the Kingdom of God.

It is not because some Jeshuaists or followers of Jeshua may believe certain Jewish rules were part of human doctrine and regulations which are not necessary to keep in these times because now there is a New Covenant having been presented new arrangements, that those falling under those new regulations or laws would not be Jews any more.

Jews might be surprised when they come to drink of the goblet Jesus offering them too.

Jews and Christians may not forget that Jesus was a Jew, who never planned to create an other religion.

All the teaching of Jesus, the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua, was in line with Jewish tradition and should be seen as such.

That way a follower of Jeshua, or real follower of the real Christ, should not give up his or her Jewishness, though a goyim or non-Jew would not have to undergo all the traditional rites, like circumcision, which are part of Jewish life.
Though both can be part of the same faith-group, both brother or sister of each other, with the recognition that we all are created in the image of God and that God wants us all to be children of Him.

Jeshuaists from the European Union
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